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Failing is Not an Option with Jen Baudier

Tune in to listen as Stephanie and Jen discuss how failure was not an option from opening her first salon in the middle of a recession to being flexible in the face of COVID 19 and ending 2020 with a growth in profit—despite a two month shut down!

Simple Does Not Mean Shallow with John David Mann

Tune in to listen as Stephanie and John discuss learning from mistakes, why working with a team is important to success, how being open to critique doesn’t mean it’s easy to hear, the importance of being open to receiving as well as giving, and so much more!

Turning tragedy into action with Michelle Hope

Listen as Stephanie and Michelle discuss ways you can be prepared in case your home catches fire, how you can easily document all your belongings twice a year (and why you should!), ways the community helped in the aftermath of tragedy, and so much more! 

Ascension and Spiritual Awakening with Steve Nobel

Tune in as Steve relates his story of transition from working as an unfulfilled corporate banker to spiritual coach and entrepreneur, including how the death of his father sparked change and led him to pursue the interests and passion in life that he had set aside as a teenager. 

Seeing and Experiencing the World through Travel With Philip James

Listen as Stephanie and Philip discuss the impacts of a global pandemic on the travel industry, making the decision to start a travel agency, why travel is so important, and how to balance running his business with making time for family.

Best of 2020: Following Your Dreams and Doing Great Things with Samual Brown

Sam talks about growing a YouTube channel almost overnight and what it took to build a massive audience in such a short amount of time.

Stepping Out of a Traditional Job to Fulfill an Extraordinary Dream with Mandy Liz

Mandy Liz from Mandy Liz Photography talks about her "accidental business" and how she was able to quit her day job to pursue her dreams.

Productivity, Authenticity, and Your Full Potential with Erin Haworth

They talk about the current information "overload" and how to filter through the most important information to really build your business to the level you desire.

Finding Success Doing What you Love -with Ingrid Rinck

Finding Success Doing What you Love and Unexpected Opportunities- with Ingrid Rinck

Simplifying Your Life with Amanda Warfield

In this episode Amanda and Stephanie discuss simplified living, the “new normal” post-covid, being an entrepreneur, time management, and so much more! 

Realizing Your Potential with Cyan Cooper

In an episode that goes deep on mindset, Cyan talks about his lifelong drive to realize his potential and how it led him to get started as an entrepreneur.

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