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Surviving Breast Cancer

January 2021: The Month That Changed Everything

I recently got some news from my doctor that has changed the course of my life.
Mindfulness & Education

Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Life with Indy Nebeker

Indy has been a Leadership and Empowerment Coach for the last 16 years and recently released his book "Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life" where he took his years of coaching experience and put it in a book to help people.
Dharma Project

It Broke Me and Then It Built Me Back with Taylor Alfonso

n this episode, Stephanie is talking with Taylor Alfonso, a wife, mother of two, and owner of Stella & Grace boutique in Slidell, Louisiana.
Surviving Breast Cancer

I Gave my Breast Cancer Purpose with Paula Heard

This week is the final of our special episodes for breast cancer awareness month, and Stephanie is speaking with Integrated Wellness Coach and third generation breast cancer survivor, Paula Heard.
Surviving Breast Cancer

Helping Women Feel Whole with Susan McMahon

Today Stephanie is speaking with Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Susan McMahon for the third of our special October episodes highlighting stories around breast cancer.
Surviving Breast Cancer

Find the bright side of it all, and stay away from sugar with Debra Turlich

Debra shares the story of how she was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly ten years ago as a busy teacher raising her handicapped daughter and three grandchildren. 
Kicking Cancer

Survivor Story: Saline Drip Spa Days with Leah Stancil

Listen as Stephanie and Leah discuss listening to your intuition, making time for treatment when you’re already a busy working mom, navigating the confusing world of medical bills, tips for feeling better when you’re going through chemo and radiation, and so much more! 
Dharma Project

Balance and Building Your Tribe with Intention with Katie Santangelo

Listen as Stephanie and Katie discuss following your career to unexpected places, juggling life as a business person, wife, and mother of four, the importance to intentionally building a tribe of like-minded people, and more! 
Dharma Project

Mother, Entrepreneur, and Overall Superwoman with Nicole Bernard

How does she do it all? Join us this week to hear some of Nicole's success secrets and how she manages to juggle her busy life so well!
Entrepreneurship & Career

Finding Success Doing What you Love -with Ingrid Rinck

Finding Success Doing What you Love and Unexpected Opportunities- with Ingrid Rinck
Mindfulness & Education

Best of 2020: Mediation and The Reality Revolution with Brian Scott

Brian shares how through mediation and connecting with his higher self, he was able to transform his life.
Mindfulness & Education

Best of 2020: Success, productivity, and finding good ideas with Jim Stovall

Listen as Jim shares how he views his blindness as an advantage, his thoughts on productivity versus activity, and where you can find good ideas, and so much more!
Yoga, Coaching, & Movement

Filling Yourself Up and Finding Happiness with Lindsay Hainlin

Lindsay shares what pushed her to pursue her passion of teaching yoga
Mindfulness & Education

Life as a Modern-Day Shaman with don Jose Ruiz

This week on The Dharma Project, Stephanie picked the brains of don Jose Ruiz, best-selling author, modern-day Shaman, and Toltec Master of Transformation.

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