Mortgage Refinance

How to Prepare Your Home for an Appraisal | Tips for Getting your Home Appraised

Tips to follow when getting your home ready for a Home Appraisal.
Mortgage Tips

How Long Should You Keep Your Mortgage Papers?

Here’s what you need to know before you feed it to the shredder.

Will a HELOC Affect Your Credit Score?

If you’re looking to get any other loans soon you should know how a HELOC might affect your credit score.
VA Loans

How to Make Your VA Loan Competitive in a Hot Market

Here are a few things you can do to stay competitive with VA loan-backing in a seller’s market.
Mortgage Tips

What is a Mortgage Contingency?

A contingency is a condition that must be met before the home sale purchase can conclude.
Mortgage Tips

What’s the Difference Between the Sales Price and Appraised Value of a Home?

Difference Between Sales Price and Appraised Value of a Home
Mortgage Refinance

Home Equity is at a Record High. Should you tap into your home equity?

With the housing market on fire, home prices have steadily risen for the past several years. The result has been an enormous amount of home equity for American homeowners.
Mortgage Tips

Buying a Home with Extended Family | Sharing a Mortgage with Family Members

How to Navigate Sharing a Mortgage with Family Members
Mortgage Tips

Just One Extra Mortgage Payment a Year Can Add Up to Big Savings

Making extra payments may not even have crossed your mind, but there are actually plenty of reasons why you might want to do it.
Mortgage Tips

Can You Get a Loan to Buy an AirBnB? | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Understanding how to get financing for your airbnb | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

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