Dharma Project

It Broke Me and Then It Built Me Back with Taylor Alfonso

n this episode, Stephanie is talking with Taylor Alfonso, a wife, mother of two, and owner of Stella & Grace boutique in Slidell, Louisiana.

Balance and Building Your Tribe with Intention with Katie Santangelo

Listen as Stephanie and Katie discuss following your career to unexpected places, juggling life as a business person, wife, and mother of four, the importance to intentionally building a tribe of like-minded people, and more! 

On Persistence, Grit, and Building Her Own Medical Practice with Michelle Cooper

This week, Stephanie Weeks talks with Dr. Michele Cooper about her life and her journey to become a doctor.

Mother, Entrepreneur, and Overall Superwoman with Nicole Bernard

How does she do it all? Join us this week to hear some of Nicole's success secrets and how she manages to juggle her busy life so well!

Getting out of your comfort zone with Caroline Patrickis

In this episode Stephanie and Caroline discuss what it takes to follow your dreams, getting outside your comfort zone, telling inspirational stories that change peoples’ lives, and more!

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