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The Podcast for people who live their Dharma, their Truth.
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Inspiring you to live your best life!

Stephanie A. Weeks is a best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, And TNBC Cancer Survivor ! The Dharma Project’s Mission is to inspire YOU to live your BEST life!  Sprinkled with a little Finding The Beauty in Cancer. Each week as she interviews guests who live their Dharma, their Truth, and have REAL conversations about topics such as:

Overcoming Your Challenges
Trusting Your Gut
The Power of Positivity
Finding the Beauty in Cancer
And so much more!
New episodes as Divinely Inspired!
Entrepreneurship & Career
Best of 2020: Following Your Dreams and Doing Great Things with Samual Brown
Sam talks about growing a YouTube channel almost overnight and what it took to build a massive audience in such a short amount of time.
Entrepreneurship & Career
Simple Does Not Mean Shallow with John David Mann
Tune in to listen as Stephanie and John discuss learning from mistakes, why working with a team is important to success, how being open to critique doesn’t mean it’s easy to hear, the importance of being open to receiving as well as giving, and so much more!
Entrepreneurship & Career
Turning tragedy into action with Michelle Hope
Listen as Stephanie and Michelle discuss ways you can be prepared in case your home catches fire, how you can easily document all your belongings twice a year (and why you should!), ways the community helped in the aftermath of tragedy, and so much more! 
Entrepreneurship & Career
Ascension and Spiritual Awakening with Steve Nobel
Tune in as Steve relates his story of transition from working as an unfulfilled corporate banker to spiritual coach and entrepreneur, including how the death of his father sparked change and led him to pursue the interests and passion in life that he had set aside as a teenager. 
Surviving Breast Cancer
I Gave my Breast Cancer Purpose with Paula Heard
This week is the final of our special episodes for breast cancer awareness month, and Stephanie is speaking with Integrated Wellness Coach and third generation breast cancer survivor, Paula Heard.
Surviving Breast Cancer
Helping Women Feel Whole with Susan McMahon
Today Stephanie is speaking with Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Susan McMahon for the third of our special October episodes highlighting stories around breast cancer.
Surviving Breast Cancer
Find the bright side of it all, and stay away from sugar with Debra Turlich
Debra shares the story of how she was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly ten years ago as a busy teacher raising her handicapped daughter and three grandchildren. 
Surviving Breast Cancer
Chemo Dates and Showing Up with Sara Delancy
This week Stephanie is talking with Survivor Sara Delancy about her story of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and her journey through treatment over the last year.
Kicking Cancer
Survivor Story: Saline Drip Spa Days with Leah Stancil
Listen as Stephanie and Leah discuss listening to your intuition, making time for treatment when you’re already a busy working mom, navigating the confusing world of medical bills, tips for feeling better when you’re going through chemo and radiation, and so much more! 
Entrepreneurship & Career
Seeing and Experiencing the World through Travel With Philip James
Listen as Stephanie and Philip discuss the impacts of a global pandemic on the travel industry, making the decision to start a travel agency, why travel is so important, and how to balance running his business with making time for family.

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