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The Podcast for people who live their Dharma, their Truth.
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Inspiring you to live your best life!

Stephanie A. Weeks is a best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, And TNBC Cancer Survivor ! The Dharma Project’s Mission is to inspire YOU to live your BEST life!  Sprinkled with a little Finding The Beauty in Cancer. Each week as she interviews guests who live their Dharma, their Truth, and have REAL conversations about topics such as:

Overcoming Your Challenges
Trusting Your Gut
The Power of Positivity
Finding the Beauty in Cancer
And so much more!
New episodes as Divinely Inspired!
Dharma Project
Balance and Building Your Tribe with Intention with Katie Santangelo
Listen as Stephanie and Katie discuss following your career to unexpected places, juggling life as a business person, wife, and mother of four, the importance to intentionally building a tribe of like-minded people, and more! 
Yoga, Coaching, & Movement
Filling Yourself Up and Finding Happiness with Lindsay Hainlin
Lindsay shares what pushed her to pursue her passion of teaching yoga
Entrepreneurship & Career
Simplifying Your Life with Amanda Warfield
In this episode Amanda and Stephanie discuss simplified living, the “new normal” post-covid, being an entrepreneur, time management, and so much more! 
Dharma Project
Getting out of your comfort zone with Caroline Patrickis
In this episode Stephanie and Caroline discuss what it takes to follow your dreams, getting outside your comfort zone, telling inspirational stories that change peoples’ lives, and more!
Entrepreneurship & Career
Finding Success Doing What you Love -with Ingrid Rinck
Finding Success Doing What you Love and Unexpected Opportunities- with Ingrid Rinck
Entrepreneurship & Career
Productivity, Authenticity, and Your Full Potential with Erin Haworth
They talk about the current information "overload" and how to filter through the most important information to really build your business to the level you desire.
Entrepreneurship & Career
Stepping Out of a Traditional Job to Fulfill an Extraordinary Dream with Mandy Liz
Mandy Liz from Mandy Liz Photography talks about her "accidental business" and how she was able to quit her day job to pursue her dreams.
Dharma Project
Mother, Entrepreneur, and Overall Superwoman with Nicole Bernard
How does she do it all? Join us this week to hear some of Nicole's success secrets and how she manages to juggle her busy life so well!
Dharma Project
On Persistence, Grit, and Building Her Own Medical Practice with Michelle Cooper
This week, Stephanie Weeks talks with Dr. Michele Cooper about her life and her journey to become a doctor.

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