In this episode Stephanie talks with Time Management and Business Strategists Amanda Warfield about simplified living and how it reduces anxiety and contributes to success. 

Amanda started her business just over two years ago after adopting the principles of minimalism, or simplified living, in her own life. She used to battle anxiety and found when she embraced minimalism and adopted its principles she was able to not only conquer her anxiety, but thrive in life! 

Now as a strategist she works with entrepreneurs and soloprenuers to improve their time management and simplify their business to achieve success without being chained to their business.

In this episode Amanda and Stephanie discuss simplified living, the “new normal” post-covid, being an entrepreneur, time management, and so much more! 

You can learn more about working with Amanada at or connect with her on instagram at @mrsamandawarfield

She also has a podcast where she shares the principles she uses in her coaching called Chasing Simple you can find wherever you listen to podcasts. 

August 14, 2020
Entrepreneurship & Career