Filling Yourself Up and Finding Happiness Through Yoga with Lindsay Hainlin

In this week’s episode of The Dharma Project Stephanie talks with Lindsay Hainlin, a freelance entrepreneur and yoga instructor. 

Lindsay shares what pushed her to pursue her passion of teaching yoga was finding herself at a place in life where she was so unhappy she was making the people around her unhappy and she wasn’t present even when she was with her kids. 

She talks about how her big “why” moment was realizing she had to find her own happiness so she could be an example for her children of what she wanted for them in life: to be full and happy!

In this episode Stephanie and Lindsay discuss the different types of yoga and the benefits those offer different people, the spiritual side of yoga, how it can become a form of movement meditation, the importance of refilling in ourselves what we give away to others, being present in our lives for the people we love, pursuing happiness in life, and so much more! 

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August 21, 2020
Yoga, Coaching, & Movement