In today’s episode Stephanie talks with Ingrid Rinck of Sensible Meals and Rinck Packaging about having the courage to do what you’re passionate about, balancing family and owning a business, and how to be fluid and adapt to what life throws at you can lead to unexpected opportunities!

Ingrid is the founder of Sensible Meals which is now the largest weight-loss meal prep service in the country and during the Covid-19 shut down has started another company, Rinck Packaging.

Listen to this episode to hear what has her new customers asking, “Why are you helping us like this?” And why she answers, “Why wouldn’t I?”

You can connect with Ingrid on social media @IngridRinck

Learn more about Sensible Meals at or on social media at @sensablemeals.

You can learn about her new business Rinck Packaging at or on social media @rinckpackging.

July 24, 2020
Entrepreneurship & Career