In this episode Stephanie speaks with serial entrepreneur Cyan Cooper, co-founder of the digital marketing agency @100C. 

In an episode that goes deep on mindset, Cyan talks about his lifelong drive to realize his potential and how it led him to get started as an entrepreneur. Some of the topics Stephanie and Cy discuss include:

  • How to discover what you’re passionate about
  • What “moves the needle” in business
  • Work/life balance (or the complete absence of it!)
  • What it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur
  • Overcoming roadblocks and personal limitations
  • Strategies for getting out of your comfort zone
  • The importance of taking time to be with yourself and think
  • How upbringing can affect psychology
  • Having your own metrics for success
  • And a lot more!

You can find Cyan on Instagram at @cyancooperofficial. If you’re interested in talking to him about 100C’s marketing services, reach out to them at

August 28, 2020
Entrepreneurship & Career