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First-Time Home Buyers

The Truth about Home Loan Application Denials

Loan applications are often denied, but should they be? In this post, we take a dip into home loan denials, why there are so many, and how to avoid getting the dreaded call that your home loan or refinancing request has been denied.
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What Does A Mortgage Note Look Like?

What does a mortgage note look like? In today's video I explain what the main parts of a mortgage note are and give some tips to make sure you get the right mortgage!
Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Cosigner

What is a mortgage cosigner and how does it work?
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Monthly Mortgage Payments and Incorrect Calculations

Do you know how much your estimated mortgage payment will be? This article details what all goes into your estimated monthly mortgage payment, and why internet-based calculations are often misleading.
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Debt To Income Ratio For Mortgage

In this video I explain everything you need to know about the debt to income ratio when applying for a mortgage, including what DTI is, how to calculate it, and what qualifies as a good debt to income ratio for various mortgage types.
First-Time Home Buyers

Preparing To Buy A House

When you are getting ready to buy a home there are a lot of expenses to consider in your budget beyond your monthly mortgage payment and down payment. In this video I cover a number of different expenses you should know about when getting ready to buy a home.
First-Time Home Buyers

Mortgage Credit Score

In this video I explain why that is, I talk about the different types of credit score (such as the fico score), and I explain what kind of credit score you need if you want to get the best mortgage rate and price.
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Mortgage Budget

When it comes to a mortgage budget, how do you know what's right for you? In this video I talk about all the things you should take into consideration when it comes to your mortgage budget and mortgage payments, including the best ways to prepare, what lenders look at when it comes to your mortgage budget, common expenses people forget, and a useful rule of thumb, among other things!
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Mortgage Insurance: Explore Your PMI/MIP Home Loan Insurance Options

What do you know about mortgage insurance? Learn about your PMI/MIP options before making a potentially costly decision.
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Choose Your Lender Carefully: Questions to Expect from the Right Mortgage Loan Officer

Choosing the right lender is like interviewing a potential employee or going on a first date. Not only should you ask questions; you should expect the loan officer to ask questions as well. Here are the questions you should expect potential lenders to ask.
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Mortgage Loan Options: Get to Know Before Applying for Home Loan Financing

It’s hard to make the right decision when applying for a home loan if you don’t know what your options are. Here are your home loan options when buying a home.
Mortgage Peace

Introduction to Mortgage Peace and Discovering That You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

After a futile search for books to help my mortgage lending clients understand the process, I came up empty-handed. I realized it was my duty to write a book -- Mortgage Peace.
First-Time Home Buyers

Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment: How to calculate an accurate monthly mortgage payment
Mortgage Tips

Easily Calculate the Actual Cost of Your Mortgage Interest Rate!

Easily Calculate the Actual Cost of Your Mortgage Interest Rate Video

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