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Will a HELOC Affect Your Credit Score?

If you’re looking to get any other loans soon you should know how a HELOC might affect your credit score.
Mortgage Refinance

How to Prepare Your Home for an Appraisal | Tips for Getting your Home Appraised

Tips to follow when getting your home ready for a Home Appraisal.
Mortgage Tips

What’s the Difference Between the Sales Price and Appraised Value of a Home?

Difference Between Sales Price and Appraised Value of a Home
Mortgage Tips

Buying a Home with Extended Family | Sharing a Mortgage with Family Members

How to Navigate Sharing a Mortgage with Family Members
Mortgage Tips

Can You Get a Loan to Buy an AirBnB? | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Understanding how to get financing for your airbnb | Real Estate Investing for Beginners
Mortgage Tips

What an 18% Jump in 2022 Conforming Loan Limits Means for Me

Federal Housing Finance Agency announced changes to the conforming loan limits for 2022
Mortgage Tips

Know How to Solve the Home Loan Puzzle and Discover the “One and Done” Mortgage Process

To know how to solve the home loan puzzle, you have to understand the rules and the important roles that are part of the mortgage approval process. Learn about the different parties you will work with while going through the home loan process and how to increase your chances of an approval in this post from loan officer and mortgage expert Stephanie Weeks.
Mortgage Tips

What Does A Mortgage Note Look Like?

What does a mortgage note look like? In today's video I explain what the main parts of a mortgage note are and give some tips to make sure you get the right mortgage!
Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Cosigner

What is a mortgage cosigner and how does it work?
Mortgage Tips

Monthly Mortgage Payments and Incorrect Calculations

Do you know how much your estimated mortgage payment will be? This article details what all goes into your estimated monthly mortgage payment, and why internet-based calculations are often misleading.
Mortgage Tips

Home Mortgage Terms

Do you know the common mortgage terms? What length of mortgage will best suit your needs? Learn the basics in this overview of common home mortgage terms.
Mortgage Tips

Debt To Income Ratio For Mortgage

In this video I explain everything you need to know about the debt to income ratio when applying for a mortgage, including what DTI is, how to calculate it, and what qualifies as a good debt to income ratio for various mortgage types.
Mortgage Tips

Getting A Mortgage With A New Job?

Are you considering getting a mortgage with a new job, but not sure if it will prevent you from being approved? In this video I talk about what your mortgage lender considers when you're buying a house with a new job, and give a few examples to help demonstrate!
Mortgage Tips

How to Calculate PMI

If you want to know how to calculate PMI on a loan, there are a lot of variables to consider. In this video I explain everything you need to know to calculate mortgage insurance the right way, including:
First-Time Home Buyers

Understanding Mortgage Rates

In this video, I will break down what goes into determining a mortgage rate, what you can expect to see when shopping rates online, and how to know what you actually qualify for!
Mortgage Tips

What To Look For In A Mortgage Lender

Getting a good rate on your mortgage or refinance is important, but choosing the right lender when buying or refinancing a home also comes down to finding someone you're comfortable working with.
First-Time Home Buyers

Mortgage Underwriting Process

What exactly is mortgage underwriting, who does the underwriting process, why do they need so much information, and how can you influence the mortgage underwriter? Be the captain of your own ship and steer the mortgage seas by understanding everything you need to know about the mortgage underwriting process!
Mortgage Tips

Questions to ask Your Mortgage Lender

How to choose a mortgage lender you feel comfortable working with.
First-Time Home Buyers

Mortgage Terminology

Terms and phrases key to understanding the mortgage loan process. As a mortgage loan officer, sometimes it feels like I'm speaking another language to my clients, so I made this video with the most important mortgage terms to know if you're buying or refinancing a home.
Mortgage Tips

How to Get A Mortgage If You Are Self Employed

I made a YouTube video with tips for those who are self-employed wanting to buy or refinance a home. The paperwork might be different, but these tips will make sure you are ready for the mortgage or refinance process.
Mortgage Tips

Choose Your Lender Carefully: Questions to Expect from the Right Mortgage Loan Officer

Choosing the right lender is like interviewing a potential employee or going on a first date. Not only should you ask questions; you should expect the loan officer to ask questions as well. Here are the questions you should expect potential lenders to ask.
Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Pre Approval Process [2020]

Learn everything you need to know about the mortgage pre-approval process, including what it is, what it means, what it looks like, what you'll need, and everything in between.
Mortgage Tips

How Time Affects Your Mortgage Rates: Home Loan Insights for Homebuyers

Time matters. When it comes to securing a good interest rate and closing on your home loan, time might even be the most important factor. Learn more and what you need to consider while attempting to close your upcoming home loan.
Mortgage Tips

How to Protect Yourself When Securing A Home Loan: Two Inconsistencies to Prepare For

Are you protected from overlooking important aspects of securing a home loan? Here’s how to tell and two inconsistencies to prepare for.

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