First-Time Home Buyers


How to Get Past First-Time Home Buyer Anxiety

How to Get Past First-Time Home Buyer Anxiety

Trust the Process with Peace of Mind

Lenders have a responsibility to guide homeowners to a successful close right from the start. This increases the chances of an effective close and brings clients peace of mind.

The Truth about Home Loan Application Denials

Loan applications are often denied, but should they be? In this post, we take a dip into home loan denials, why there are so many, and how to avoid getting the dreaded call that your home loan or refinancing request has been denied.

Understanding Mortgage Rates

In this video, I will break down what goes into determining a mortgage rate, what you can expect to see when shopping rates online, and how to know what you actually qualify for!

Preparing To Buy A House

When you are getting ready to buy a home there are a lot of expenses to consider in your budget beyond your monthly mortgage payment and down payment. In this video I cover a number of different expenses you should know about when getting ready to buy a home.

Mortgage Credit Score

In this video I explain why that is, I talk about the different types of credit score (such as the fico score), and I explain what kind of credit score you need if you want to get the best mortgage rate and price.

Mortgage Underwriting Process

What exactly is mortgage underwriting, who does the underwriting process, why do they need so much information, and how can you influence the mortgage underwriter? Be the captain of your own ship and steer the mortgage seas by understanding everything you need to know about the mortgage underwriting process!

Mortgage Terminology

Terms and phrases key to understanding the mortgage loan process. As a mortgage loan officer, sometimes it feels like I'm speaking another language to my clients, so I made this video with the most important mortgage terms to know if you're buying or refinancing a home.

Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment: How to calculate an accurate monthly mortgage payment

The Mortgage 10 Commandments

The 10 commandments of what to do and what not to do while in the mortgage process.

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